Groupeasy Board Management Software

One of the goals of corporate communications is to create a secure unified space for communication and work. This article is an overview of the Groupeasy board portal that can help to create such a workspace.

Board portal – a win-win solution for virtual collaboration

Today, the business has more than ever felt how important it is to be connected online: you need virtual communication of ideal quality, otherwise, you can lose customers and destroy communications within the company. The main problem with remote work, as it turned out, lies in the management field, and by no means in the legal one. The reason is in the very format of such work, and the pandemic brought it almost to the fore. We are talking about internal communications in the company.

In small and medium-sized businesses, the role of digital communications is traditionally high. Cloud solutions that do not require serious initial investments when organizing a communication system began to gain more and more popularity in this segment. A great example of such solutions is board management software that regulates the activity of collegial bodies in online meetings. Implementing board portal solutions that provide these capabilities can help people in organizations significantly increase their productivity and improve collaboration.

The activities of a board of directors, and the management board, in turn, are generally difficult to automate using the electronic document system. Specialized systems are needed for their collective work and support of corporate governance processes. Thus, board software is a good alternative.

Groupeasy board portal functionality

Groupeasy board management software is a module for automating the work of collegial bodies, providing automation of the decision-making business process – from the formation of a draft issue for consideration by a specific committee to the formation of extracts from the minutes on approved issues and control over the implementation of decisions.

The main functions of the software include:

  • organization of the procedure for holding both in-person and in absentia meetings of committees, meetings of the management board, meetings of working groups;
  • formation and familiarization with the agenda;
  • preliminary coordination of documents submitted for approval;
  • formation of an issue, familiarization of committee members with materials on the issue;
  • preliminary approval of the draft decision;
  • submission of the issue to the committee;
  • mechanism of electronic voting on agenda items;
  • formation of approval and voting sheets;
  • formation, registration, distribution of the protocol;
  • the ability to export the protocol to doc and pdf formats;
  • formation of extracts from the protocol;
  • a single repository of protocols, decisions, and approved documents in the context of committees;
  • control of the course of voting, execution of decisions.


The Groupeasy solution provides a full-fledged work with questions and instructions, as well as safe work with documents and materials based on the results of meetings of managers, the possibility of electronic voting using electronic signatures, etc. The system is designed for small-sized businesses,  non-profits organizations, colleges, schools, and churches.

Groupeasy board software benefits

This solution fits very logically into the general process of automating the company’s activities and allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of making important management decisions.

The software allows you to hold meetings in person, in absentia, and even remotely. The advantages of the system in this matter are as follows:

  • Legally relevant meeting;
  • Expression of dissenting opinion during voting with entry into the minutes;
  • Commenting and reviewing materials, adding notes, and the ability to share them with colleagues;
  • Simple mechanism to keep track of your meeting schedule;
  • Automatic generation of minutes following the meeting.
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