Top 5 Benefits of Digital Board Meetings

Digitization simplifies corporate management. From the optimization of board communication to the use of  board portals, through which all board members can access important documents – in real-time and regardless of their location.

Online format –  a new business reality

The new constraints faced by employees around the world today create barriers to the way they work and interact. This influence was especially felt by small and medium-sized businesses, which have always valued personal communication. Companies had to adapt to a new reality: business travel was virtually impossible and many employees were forced to work from home.

The work of corporate management bodies has also changed. In sharp contrast to the downtrend in many companies, the online meeting technology business is booming. Video conferencing has saved the business ecosystem, with its remarkable contribution to corporate communications and business operations. Studies show that around 48 percent of information workers used the videoconferencing tools before and with the pandemic in the past 6 months, the numbers have noticeably doubled to 89 percent of users.

The main advantages of online board meetings

The various virtual forms of communication make it very easy for us to stay in contact with people who do not work in the same location or who live near us. But their use has many more advantages. The top 5 benefits of digital board meetings include:

  1. Reduction of travel and office costs

Every year companies spend huge sums of money on business trips. In addition to the arrival and departure costs, there are also costs for accommodation and meals. But business trips are not only expensive, but they also cost the board of directors a lot of time. The time that employees could use more efficiently through the use of online meetings and the associated elimination of business trips. In the long term, there is also potential for savings in terms of office rent if less space is required for meeting rooms.

  1. Location-independent collaboration

The online board meetings are possible anytime and anywhere, as long as a stable internet connection is available. Especially in times of Corona, where home office and flexible working time models shape everyday work, a real added value! You don’t need much for a web conference. In addition to a suitable software solution, for example from the Boardpro portal, all you need is a PC, a tablet or smartphone and, you can take part in the meeting from anywhere.

  1. Faster and more efficient meetings

Thanks to the online board meetings, board members no longer have to take business trips to get in touch with colleagues or customers. This has the advantage that video conferences can often be convened much faster than on-site meetings. With the board software, for example, video conferences can be set up in HD quality with just a few clicks. In addition, many other functions such as chat or file & screen sharing ensure efficient collaboration.

  1. Safe and reliable

Data protection is an important concern. Digital board meetings with trustworthy platforms and modern encryption technologies guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

  1. Using additional video conferencing options

The latest video conferencing systems have added features that a conference phone simply cannot offer. Participants can share slides, set up surveys, and work together on a document live together – and these are just a selection of the standard features of video conferencing software. These extras make for a more natural conversation and better engagement for participants.

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